Human Stats
Name: Lemnik Merrak
Location: South Africa
Gender: Male
I’ve been programming since the first version of Java was available, and I’m basically self taught. Because I didn’t have web access for most of the time I was learning, progress was often slow, but I generally came up with very different ways of solving common problems (mainly cause I had no idea how everyone else did it). It wasn’t until about 3 or 4 years ago that I became interested in the new web technologies: at the time it was JSP’s and Java Servlets for me. It was also around this time that I started working with SQL databases and such.

My knowledge of programming has a very heavy object-oriented slant, and I tend not to get excited about new technologies, unless they truly are something different. Aspects are a good example, they’re nothing massively special (not new anymore either), but they do offer a very nice way of augmenting objects, and have been useful to be when maintaining legacy code.

I’m the main developer of the EoD SQL project, and the ActionChain project for Android.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Kymothoe Says:

    Still nothing I can understand…:p

    So what are you tow up to?

  2. James Says:

    Jason, I noticed you blogged on the topic of memcache and I had a question. In the Java world, why would someone use a product like memcache instead of the caching inherent with EJB?

    As I understand it, EJB solved this problem some time ago. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

    • Jason Says:

      Basically: you loose the “lookup” request that gets made in a traditional caching system. Based on the has of a key, memcache clients figure out which memcache server the data will be stored on.

      It’s really a question of what sort of caching you want to do. Memcache is very simple, and really fast (and atomic). Most lager cache systems are not atomic, and generally relatively expensive. That said: when you’re dealing with large and complex object graphs a pure Java cache is often a better idea.

  3. downloadnext Says:

    Hi, Jason, Could you write back to me, so that we could talk about some cooperation with your blog? Many thanks

  4. Nemanja Says:

    Good music taste. 🙂

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