EoD SQL Version 2.1-Alpha

EoD SQL doesn’t see very much development these days (although it sees plenty of downloads and usage). Mainly it’s very stable and does what it’s supposed to, so theres very little need to change things.

That said, there are a few issues that needed some attention, so theres the start of a new release (2.1). The new features and changes are as follows:

  • The engine now caches some of the more expensive construction data with SoftReferences, dramatically reducing the cost of creating a Query implementation
  • @Call methods may now return updatable DataSet objects by using the new “readOnly” annotation attribute
  • @Select methods now have a useful “fetchSize” hint that will be passed down to the JDBC driver
  • Much better error messages for invalid / unknown types and query parse errors
  • Improvements and updates to all of the JavaDocs
  • Some bug fixes and corrections

Like I said: theres not that much there, but the changes that do exist make life that little bit easier. If you have any ideas of features you’d like to see in this upcomming release, leave a comment or a feature request and we’ll have a chat about it (always on the lookout for good ideas)!


2 Responses to “EoD SQL Version 2.1-Alpha”

  1. j3t Says:

    is there any maven repository available with this release?

    • Jason Says:

      If you could point me at some documentation on how to set one up (I don’t use Maven) I’d be happy to see what I can do. Otherwise if you would like to set-one-up it would be much appreciated.

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