Eod SQL 2.0 Finally pushed out of the Stable

After a year of carefully removing straw from EoD SQL‘s hair, I’ve given it the final push through the stable doors and into the sunlight! For those who have been working with the early access releases, you’ll be used to the very cool new features by now. But for those that have been sitting on the year-old 1.0 or 1.1 releases, heres a short-list of the awsome new features in EoD SQL 2.0:

  • Much better concurrent behaviour
    • Less lazy-loading
    • Less locking
  • Private fields and constructors allowed in data-objects
  • Faster object binding
    • Data-Object / Query pairs are now bound together
    • Replaces the old method of creating one binding object per data-object
    • Much less work per row of a ResultSet
  • Much faster array mapping
    • Different mechanisms based on JDBC driver capabilities
    • Fastest (and most common) is the array is pre-allocated and populated backwards!
    • A fall-back remains to populate forwards and resize the array as required
  • A new plug-in architecture allows you to add your own annotations (like @Select, @Update or @Call)
    • This allows you to add special case structures that you need in your code
    • All of the special objects in EoD SQL remain available for you to use
      • You can use EoD SQL to auto-wrap any ResultSet object in an arbitrary Type
      • Or you can code the wrapping yourself

So why not head over and download EoD SQL 2.0! Give it a spin and tell me what you think.


2 Responses to “Eod SQL 2.0 Finally pushed out of the Stable”

  1. Mike Says:

    Congratulations! At long last 😉 Let me know of the tutorial needs a refresh to reflect the changes.

  2. Performance improvements to EoD SQL 2.0 « Techno Lemming Says:

    […] improvements to EoD SQL 2.0 Having released EoD SQL 2.0, I thought I should take another look at the performance of the new code. Although the […]

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