Progress on EoD SQL 2.0 Release

EoD SQL 2.0 is a massive step up from EoD SQL 1.0/1.1. The EoD SQL 1.1 code-base was based entirely on EoD SQL 1.0, which went through a fair number of beta releases before it was ready.

EoD SQL 2.0 opens up the internal structure to allow outside developers to write plugins that extend the functionality of the API. Unlike EoD SQL 1.1, the 2.0 code-base (due to it’s many changes) is currently in a feature-freeze state. This allows for the bugs that have crept in to be eliminated before the actual release is done.

I intended on a release for this last week (2008-10-06 -> 10), however due to a lot of traveling and some bugs that reared their heads, I’m holding off for a while longer. The next release will be 2.0-rc1. Some of the bugs that have been found and fixed are:

  1. The ArrayWrapper (responsible for turning a ResultSet into an array of objects) has been enhanced to work with a wide variety of database capabilities.
    1. In order to pre-allocate the array, the ArrayWrapper will attempt to have the ResultSet filled backwards. It’ll start at the end and use the row number to allocate the array at it’s final size.
    2. If this doesn’t work it will fall back onto several method until it resorts to an ArrayList style expansion to populate the array.
  2. In version 2.0-beta, TransactionQuery was broken, it’s not been fixed and should work as expected
  3. BaseQuery interfaces are now allowed more than one annotation per method (a restriction that was put in place to avoid conflicting annotations)
    1. Although each method may have only one annotation related to each MethodImplementationFactory
  4. DefaultDataObjectBinding now uses getColumnLabel instead of getColumnName, so
    SELECT column AS expectedName
    should work from the SQL
  5. There were a few problems with RETURN_KEYS_FIRST_COLUMN which have now been resolved
  6. There was a very bad Connection leak in BaseQueryImpl that crept in during the creation of the new code-base

Given this list of issues, you can understand why I am holding back on even an RC1 release. While the final release may be a while off, EoD SQL 2.0 has a lot more to ofter in both features, ease of use and performance than EoD SQL 1.0 did.


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