EoD SQL 2.0-alpha Released

EoD SQL now has the first release of the 2.0 structure in the wild. You can download it from the EoD SQL page at dev.java.net.

EoD SQL 2.0 marks a totally new way of running the API. Almost all of the internal functionality has been exposed through a new series of “spi” and “impl” packages. However, the way you interact with the API remains unchanged!

Some of the new features of the API:

  • Much faster
    • Huge threading improvements
    • More upfront loading to reduce execution time
    • Much less locking
  • @Call annotation for those who work with stored procs
  • @SelectPrimitive falls away
    • Thanks to the new DataBinding layers, it’s no longer needed
    • It’s replaced by a good old @Select
  • The ability to add your own code without climbing into the EoD SQL code
    • Hand written DataObjectBinding’s
      • Turn a row into a data object
    • Annotation implementations
      • Produce the implementations of methods annotated by @Select, @Update, @Call, @YourAnnotationHere
    • ResultSetWrappers
      • Wrap a ResultSet in a DataSet, DataIterator, or your choice of object

There are almost certainly bugs lying in wait on such a massive set of changes, which is why the API is in a beta right now. Go download the API and give it a try.


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