EoD SQL 1.0 is Finally Here!!!

And the project has moved to eodsql.dev.java.net. New features in the 1.0 release include:

  • Added the QueryTool.select method for less structured / once-off queries
  • Added the DataSetCache, ArrayDataSetCache and NullDataSetCache for controlling the way a DataSet caches row values
  • ConnectedDataSet’s don’t disconnect as often anymore, but are not thread-safe
  • DataSourceQueryHandler’s now understand threading, and will reuse open connections if it’s safe to
  • The deprecated methods in QueryTool have been removed!
  • Brand new tutorial!

Go to the releases folder under Documents & Files to download the latest version!


3 Responses to “EoD SQL 1.0 is Finally Here!!!”

  1. Pau Says:

    It’s a delightful library, what hibernate should be. I was thinking in coding something like that for a project, so thanks for this fantastic project!
    If I have time, next year I plan to develop an andromda (3.2 or 4) cartridge for MDA development.
    Great job!!

  2. boba Says:

    Are there any plans to allow using of stored procedures to read and write database objects?

    This is very important for me because I use stored procedures for security reasons and to implement complex logic to read and write db data.

  3. Jason Says:

    There weren’t any plans to use stored procedures, but thats simply because I don’t use them myself. If you want to see the feature, either put in a feature request on the project issue tracker.

    Or I’ll add the request. I’m kinda busy with work at the moment, but I’ll see about adding the feature as soon as I’ve got time, otherwise you can join in on the development.

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