Why Sony PSP needs Java

The PSP is awesome. I pre-ordered mine, and it still amazes me every time I play a game on it. I’ve been very picky with the games I’ve bought for it (only 4 to date… and considering the time I’ve had it, you’d expect a much larger collection… specially if you looked next to my PS2).

The whole home brew situation on the PSP had me laughing a bit at first. Especially since most of the code written was focused on ripping the games off the UMD and onto the internet. BORING!!! Homebrew is supposed to be about writing new content… not pirating[*] old content.

The PSP is not lacking for First-Party games. But there are times where I’d love to be able to download a Tetris clone for it; or Pacman; or some arb game that someone made up in their spare time. The worry is: opening up the platform could lead to losses for First-Party and paying development houses. The solution: Java.

Why? Because you can sandbox the software. A MIDP VM need have no access of any sort to the underlying file system or hardware. All the PSP needs to allow for a flurry of Java developer activity is:

  • MIDP 2
  • 3D Extensions
  • Wireless Toolkit (for WiFI gaming)

The fact is:

  • if people played free games on their PSP…
  • They’d be using the device more.
  • If they used it more, they’d be buying more games for it.

Java for PSP doesn’t spell the doom on First-Party titles, it’s the best way to sell more titles![*] To quote my brother: I am not a pirate, I am a preemptive maritime salvage expert.


2 Responses to “Why Sony PSP needs Java”

  1. Pags Says:

    I am looking forward to have java for psp. I would like to create apps… of course, create my own game. hehehe.

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