Netbeans Music Player Released

The Music Player module for Netbeans that I was talking about here has been published in the Netbeans Plugin Portal. It’s early days, but heres a list of features it already includes:

  • A Collection tab that sits in the same space as “Projects”; “Files” and “Runtime”
  • A Play list that occupies a tab with the source editor
    • The play list can be closed without causing the play problems
  •  Plays OGG and MP3 files
  • A player-controls toolbar

Here’s the link:

Go download and enjoy! I’ll be releasing the source-code as soon as I’ve got a bit more time.


7 Responses to “Netbeans Music Player Released”

  1. agf Says:

    Hi, I’ve installed the player (NB5.5.1 on WinXP) and get a tree of mp3s in the “Collection” window. But I am unable to do anything with the songs. I can’t play them or copy them to a playlist or anything. Any ideas?

  2. Jason Says:

    Sorry, it’s a little weird (maybe), right click on an Album, Artist or Song and use “Append to Playlist”, “Append to Queue” or “Load” (which is only available for Albums and Artists, and clears the playlist before adding the songs in).

    If this is already what you are doing, then I think you’ve found a bug (since I haven’t tested the module on Windows at all yet).

  3. Netbeans Music Player « Techno Lemming Says:

    […] Music Player 15 11 2007 I while back I released a nice audio player interface for Netbeans, and said I would open-source it… well… I haven’t yet. The reason: […]

  4. Hector Says:

    Hi. I have the same problem as “agf”. I installed the plugin on NB 6.01 on WinXp. As you said, the bug is that it doesn’t appear a menu when I right click on the album/song/artist in the collection tab, so I can not add tracks to the playlist.

  5. chris Says:

    kindly give me the code of music player in netbeans thx a lot

  6. chris Says:

    i need the code of music player in java or in netbeans programming tnx… god bless

  7. BMT Says:

    how can we avoid a windows media player in netbeans to hear a sound by itself

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