A Music Player for Netbeans

I finally decided to climb into the Netbeans platform (been meaning to do it for ages). I figured there are only really 3 things I want Netbeans to do that it can’t already do:

  1. Play Music while I code
  2. Check; Read and Write Email
  3. Browse the web (properly, not just HTML 3.2)

Since playing music turned out to be the most important for me, I decided that I’d write a music player as my first Netbeans module. I’m basing the entire module heavily on Amarok, since thats by far the best music player I’ve used (and I’ve used plenty). Currently the code has a Collection (of all your music), and a Playlist. It also adds a new menu, titled “Multimedia”.

Heres a screen-shot of the app so far:


The Netbeans Platform (once you get your head around a few simple concepts) is a dream to work with. If you haven’t already used it, try coding something simple on it, you’ll almost certainly love it!

Update (18:15):

It’s already at a point that it’s quite usable, I’ll find somewhere to open-source the module in the next day or so, and post a link to it on my blog. It’s now happily playing a Nightwish MP3 in the background for me. It makes life a whole lot easier when you don’t have to leave your IDE to do something like queue a song.


4 Responses to “A Music Player for Netbeans”

  1. Netbeans Music Player Released « Techno Lemming Says:

    […] Player Released 6 08 2007 The Music Player module for Netbeans that I was talking about here has been published in the Netbeans Plugin Portal. It’s early days, but heres a list of […]

  2. Geertjan Says:


  3. Frank Says:


    i just installed your music player in nb6. it lists my music files nicely, but I dont know how to get files to my playlist. Could you describe how to do it? I would have expected a popup that in the library that says “play this”, but didnt find one

  4. Jason Says:

    Hi there.

    The module has a bug under Windows that seems to stop the context menu from opening when you right click on anything under the Collection. I simply don’t have time at the moment to look into it and fix it.

    I’m hoping to have time next week to spend on my open source projects (including opening a project for the music player, it’ll be an Apache license).

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