Do “Hardware People” actually use computers?

This is a bit of a rant. Being someone who just spent R1350 (~ €142) on a new stick of RAM for my laptop, I have to wonder at a quote for a desktop machine I saw yesterday. It’s for a kid who’s really into his gaming. His power-supply fried (most likely cause of all the mods he’s got in the machine with a really rubbish 350 watt power-supply). The place he took the machine to, gave him the following explination:

Something strange happened on the power-lines, and fried the power-supply. It took you motherboard with it.

Now since his motherboard currently has a 939 socket for his Athlone 2600+ CPU, and the FSB speed is not great (the whole thing is over 2 years old), they quoted him for the following:

  • Dual-Core AMD 3600+ (64bit)
  • AM2 Socket Motherboard with 1Ghz FSP
  • 512Mb Memory (833Mhz)
  • 400 watt PSU

Do I see something wrong here? First off, he’s running 32bit XP… he doesn’t have a 64bit copy of Windows, why isn’t it in the quote?!?! Why is there only 512Mb of memory, and why the hell is it 800Mhz when the motherboards FSP is 1Ghz?!? Why, because 1Ghz memory modules would be more expensive than the motherboard.

This seems to be a bad case of selling things for the highest cut.

I know the difference some extra memory can make, it’s far greater than a slightly faster CPU or faster memory will make. With a CPU like the one in the quote, it should have 2Gb of RAM in the quote. Make the whole system 833Mhz FSB, and take the CPU clock-speed down a few notches.

Bah! Enough ranting 😉
Just beware of whats in the box when you buy a computer!


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