How do you drink coffee?

I love coffee, I used to hate it, but now I simply can;t live without it. Like so many people in my line of work, I’m a caffeine addict. If I don’t have a cup of coffee or two in the morning, I get a splitting headache (tend to happen on Sunday when I forget to make myself a cup in the morning).

So how coffee do you drink?

  • Not at all?
  • Every now and then?
  • Lots of it?
  • Total addict?
  • Give me an IV dammit! 😛

And how do you drink it?

  • With milk and sugar?
  • With just milk?
  • Black?
  • Strong and Black?
  • Through a needle in my arm!

Yes this looks like a poll, but I prefer comments.


One Response to “How do you drink coffee?”

  1. llaith Says:

    I used to drink caffine at an insane level. I have drunk upwards of 20 coffee’s per day, at which point you start getting pretty severe heart palpitations 😉

    A friend who is a neurologist and understands the demands of our industry convinced me of the error of my ways. She stressed that you only need a coffee when you wake up and then again after lunch. This means that the mental benefits will match with the brains natural processing peaks. If you start drinking coffee in the evening to keep going, you are only (at best) arresting the slide into unfocused meanderings, and it is far better to let your brain relax, get a good sleep, and perform at your peak the next day. This is the concept that they have of a ‘rational dose’.

    Additionally I have a clotting disorder, making me prone to DVT’s. A bad recipe for someone who sits programming for many hours at a time, in between catching cramped flights here and there, while slowly dehydrating from overly air-conditioned rooms and mass quantities of coffee and tea. I have had several DVT’s now and have to be careful. However, I found that bouts of drinking large amounts of freshly brewed coffee has brought on superficial blood clots. I did some research and found that it may be the vitamin K, which is present in fresh coffee beans and green tea, but is destroyed in the processing required to get instant coffee and black tea. Now it’s water soluble (not fat soluble) so actually quite small amounts will be in the coffee, but I found a very pronounced correlation. As ~5% of europeans have the same disorder, it is something which should be born in mind by us software developers.


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