EoD SQL 0.8-beta Released

After quite a long wait, EoD SQL 0.8-beta has been released. Why is 0.8-beta so special, because EoD SQL has grown up. 0.8-beta sees an API freeze in preparation for the big 1.0 release. The key features of the new release are:

  • Full Transaction Support through the new TransactionQuery interface
    • Commit
    • Rollbacks
    • Savepoints
  • Better support for SELECT COUNT/MAX/MIN/AVG queries using the new @SelectPrimitive annotation

EoD SQL 0.8-beta also includes some important bug fixes and workarounds for Commons-Pooling and databases that don’t play nicely with JDBC.


3 Responses to “EoD SQL 0.8-beta Released”

  1. Lijin Says:

    Lemnik, can you tell me some real gud advts of EoD SQL? Y u prefer this for ur app? 😛

  2. Jason Says:

    Basically I really like it because I can write the SQL myself, and the API has a really really low overhead in terms of size, and it’s really fast. Here’s an example of code that I’ve written with the API:

    @Select(sql=”SELECT c.* FROM communication c, tasks t WHERE ” +
    “t.id = c.task_id AND t.status = 1 AND (c.client_id = ?{1}” +
    “OR ?{1} NOT IN (SELECT client_id FROM exclude_list WHERE ” +
    “communication_id = c.id)) AND c.adviser = ?{2} ” +
    “ORDER BY t.exec_time ASC LIMIT 0, ?{3}”,
    public DataIterator upcommingForClient(String clientId, String adviser, int count) throws SQLException;

    It’s a fairly complex SQL statement, with an inner query, but it’s all up to the database to do. I just get the results back (and a specific number of them), whats more, only one “CommunicationData” object is ever created, each time I call “next()” on the “DataIterator” object, it’s data changes to reflect the next row of the ResultSet from the database (thats what “rubberstamp=true” does).

  3. Lijin Says:

    Thxs Lemnik, its really helpful to me. Im now searching for more articles abt this EoD SQL . To learn something… Thanxs to u frnd

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