Breaking the spam chain

Chain letters are a form of spam. It’s really as simple as that. I know so many people who forward these emails on, and all they’re doing is helping spread spam. We jail spammers, fine them, and yet people continue to send these emails. Most people think that spam is just some sort of by-product of the internet, just like viruses are. Let me tell you that neither viruses, nor spam just come out of no-where. They are created and send by human beings (or in most cases software written by human beings). These are not “glitches” in code, they are systems designed specifically for one purpose: take your money away from you. It’s robbery, plain and simple, and by forwarding chain letters, you are contributing to this mess.

One of the most popular phrases I read in these things is, “Microsoft is tracking this email and will donate….” (Microsoft is sometimes AOL, or some other Big Computer Companytm). The fact is: email is untraceable. No one will donate the money. It’s spam, or worse. In some (growing number) of cases, the images, and/or hidden code within the email caries a computer virus. So by forwarding this email to 10 of your closest friends, you’re sending them a virus for their computers as well.

Don’t forward chain email, emails warning you about gangs, hijackings, or computer viruses. Not from your closest friends, and certainly not to them.
You are not helping them!


One Response to “Breaking the spam chain”

  1. Johan Says:

    Good point! I entirely agree.. I really ought to forward this to a couple of friends of mine 😉

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