Linux is ready for mainstream use, get over it!

Instead of hearing it less and less, I seem to be hearing it more: “Linux is to hard”, “Linux is not desktop friendly”. It’s probably all the talk of Vista, and all those trying it out and comparing their 10+ years of windows use to a week with Linux (sometimes no more than a half-baked attempt at installing a distro). Quite frankly guys, Linux is desktop ready. Not only my parents, but my parents-in-law and grand-parents run Linux. I know schools that have installed Linux, and their kids find Windows more difficult to work with. It’s a question of what you’re used to. If you don’t know that distro’s like Suse and Mandriva have wonderful hardware config tools, and you wind up re-compiling your kernel to install some weird wireless card that is supported through NdisWrapper, then shame on you.

I’m not of the opinion that Linux will one day be on every desktop on the planet. Nor am I the type that starts frothing at the mouth when they hear the word “Microsoft” (though I do know a few like that :P), what I’m saying here is simply: don’t dismiss Linux because you tried to install Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a heavily purest version of Linux (very VERY GPL based). Rather try something like Suse of Mandriva that includes things like you NVidia drivers and Flash.

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