My new project launches soon!

A while back I was involved in a really revolutionary project. We were creating a pilot to demo to several major Venture Capital companies, but just as we finished the code, our intermediary screwed something up, and we wound up stranded with no money to continue the project. All involved were really depressed about it, and the project sort of faded from our minds.

A few days ago however, I checked out the pilot project and began work to take it from this “demo” phase, through to something that we will be launching in the next week or so. We own no less than 4 domains names for the project (all pretty much the same), and for the readers of my blog, I’ve got a few clues as to what we’re up to:

  • It’s sort of social networking
  • It’s very different
  • I get excited thinking about it (O.o)

I’ll give you one of the domain names, but it’s only got an “under construction” page (though we’ll be changing that as launch day get closer). Keep an eye out for this one, it’s gonna be really awsom:


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