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I know a large group of people who have been having endless trouble with PHPBB lately. As a Java programmer, I’ve naturally been looking around for a Java based alternative. The main problems for them are:

  • The email server isoverloaded with notification emails
  • Spam Bots are overrunning the forums through SQL injection
  • Their database gets turned off towards the end of the month due to overuse
  • PHPBB doesn’t properly respond to date-stamp requests from the browsers
    • This is a common problem with PHP apps that I’ve seen
      This problem means that every time you look at a page, the server regenerates it, even if your browser has a copy cached

After looking around a bit, I found JForum. It’s a page for page, image for image clone of PHPBB in Java using Servlets and Freemarker. It includes RSS feeds (no more notification emails, though it does still support them). Really easy to customize templates. Very intelligent caching of topics, including the idea of “hot topics” which should be stored in memory for reading (though they are also stored in the database, they are pre-cached in memory to reduce database load). It even supports HypersonicSQL, so you can run it without a big database like MySQL (though it also supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and a few others).
So far I have been nothing but impressed with this forum engine, and strongly advise anyone looking for an alternative the PHPBB to take a look. For those of you who don’t know how to run a Java Servlet application, take a look at the Apache Tomcat project. It’s a Java based web server, PHP includes a Java Servlet for doing PHP within Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss and other Java web servers these days, so you don’t even have to give up your PHP sites.


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  1. KenMarshall Says:

    Thanks for helping

  2. Vadojoittab Says:

    I ma first time here.
    Cute, a lot of useful info here.
    But i’d like to know where i can read more?
    newermind 😛

  3. Down for a Week and Counting… » Lawrence Salberg Says:

    […] This one blogger says he is swearing off phpBB for some problems I haven’t heard much about. I normally wouldn’t jump ship – I’m pretty loyal. But if I can’t get support, what choice do I have? […]

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