EoD SQL, What next?

I’ve been really swamped with work recently, trying to put out a new product. It’s going well, me doing most of the programming, and we’ve got a really amazing web / graphics person on-board, which makes my life a lot easier. It’s also the first project I’ve been using my EoD SQL in that’s an actual, paid-for product. Quite an achievement for a project that I only started a few weeks ago.

I originally was going to use the Java Persistence Layer, but found it way over complicated. I did think about Hibernate, mainly because EoD SQL was to young, and I wasn’t sure it could cope with what I needed it to do. After the last time I used Hibernate, and got bogged down in their query language, I decided against it. It took quite a bit of discussion for me to decide to give EoD SQL a chance, and to my great surprise, it’s worked amazingly well.

That said, after working with it for some time now, I’ve started to see where the project could get some new features that weren’t in the original JDBC extensions, and I’ve put together a TODO list of sorts for myself. Here’s a first glimpse of features to come:

  • ¬†Returning simple, non-db datatypes from @Select methods
    • Simple POJO’s
    • Arrays
    • Java Collections
    • etc.
  • @ResultColumns on setter methods
    • This will allow for JavaBeans compliant data objects
  • Commit and Rollback for Quey interfaces
  • Forward-only DataSet’s
    • Currently all DataSet’s are random-access
  • New @Join annotation
    • This will allow for more complex SQL joins, and simpler data objects

That said, I am finding the API really amazing to use, particularly since it keeps the full power of SQL very close. I’m also finding that the extensions I’ve made are very much more useful than I thought they would be.


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