Where did we go wrong?

Society on the verge of collapse.

It would make quite a headline, wouldn’t it? One that you would expect from a post-apocalyptic movie. If you saw it in the headlines tomorrow, you’d probably cancel your subscription to that newspaper. While we sit in our comfortable, or semi-comfortable lives however, our world is on the verge of collapse. So while we stand at the edge of oblivion, why can’t we see the end? Why isn’t there fire and torture and people running riot in the streets? I’m not going to answer those questions, think a few seconds about our society, I’m sure you have the answer.

I want to take a look at our political situation. Why are we still stuck in the 18’th century? Or maybe earlier? Why do we still see our politicians as rulers, rather than servants? We pay their salaries. When I pay someone’s salary, I generally expect them to deliver on the deadlines I set for them. Why should our governments be any different? The ancient Greek politicians were paid a basic minimum wage. This seems really intelligent to me, cause it gets rid of the idea of a “career politician”. You can’t be in it for the money if there’s no money in the job. So they’re in it for the power? Well that the next problem to solve: how do we take the power away from them? The answer to this is fairly simple: open up the process. If any law, bill, or declaration is to be made, it needs to be open and transparent. Not open to “representatives” of the public, open to the public itself. A career politician fears nothing more than the people they supposedly govern.

Society needs to ungo a massive reform if it’s going to survive.


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