After getting all upset when the “Ease of Development RI” was postponed for Java 1.6.

To spending 3 days re-coding said RI, cause I had several projects that depended on that code.

To having to wait 5 days for a Sourceforge project.

It’s finally mine… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What is the EoD RI? It’s a simple layer on top of JDBC that generates the implementation of methods that query and update the database (based on @Select and @Update annotations), and then map the ResultSet to POJO’s. So instead of trying to map Java Objects to the structure of the database, it maps the columns found in a ResultSet to some simple POJO’s. Leaving you to do complex JOIN’s  and sub-queries how-ever you want.

Why re-write such a simple API? Because I love to be able to code SQL myself. Having spent years working with JDO, Hibernate, and even TopLink, when Java 6 beta came out and I found the “EoD RI”, I fell in love with it. It’s simple, light weight, clean and easy to work with, and best of all: it doesn’t take you to far away from your database.

Currently the new project is still in it’s early stages, mainly due to a lack of testing (I can only test so much). So I’m looking for comments and requests on the project. The more people working with it, the more bugs are likely to surface, the better the API gets. Go check it out.


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